Education of students with disabilities finally reached a solution after 25 years

Education of students with disabilities finally reached a solution after 25 years

Even in modern times, students with disabilities struggle. Every day they go through tough situations literally fight for existence. These problems were ignored by the government for a really long time, but now they have to take care of them and start to act. The settlement of 1975 began the era of a different life for special kids.

A class-action lawsuit against the Education Department in Ohio will improve government involvement in students with disabilities education. Supposed, that such support will help more than 250 000 special kids.

According to the statement, the ED has got a year to develop a plan which will high students grades, improve their literacy and rates.

Due to the highest rates of segregating special kids in Ohio state, it is required that students with disabilities will be inserted into regular classrooms. In addition, at the moment in these 11 states’ districts, academic results are the poorest.

Positive consequences

It is said in the agreement that students will be provided with additional help and support. Meanwhile, professional growth and technical assistance are offered to teachers. Unclear, how much it will cost to the government.

The current situation for special kids is very difficult in Ohio. Such resolution is supposed to give students with disabilities a lot of new opportunities for their future growth and career. It was approved by executive director assistant.

The settlement was called “innovative” by Ira Burnim, who is at the moment works as a director in one of the Mental Health Centers. She also said they will do everything to give special kids opportunity to evolve. The agreement is meant to become a sample for the same programs throughout the country. Therefore more and more students with disabilities will be supported and properly helped.

Everything can be reached with the help

A final decision will be made when two advocacy groups will come to the conclusion concerning fees payment. After that, the statement will be submitted to Judge Michael Watson from U.S. District Court.

It is known that a strategic education plan has a slogan Each Child, Our Future. The settlement has perfectly suited the campaign. Government concern about everyone in their country. These children are the future, they must be taken care of.

The representative of the Education Department, Brittany Halpin said very correct things “Kids with disabilities are perfectly able to be successful. It is our concern to understand their needs and widen their general education. We are very lucky to work in Ohio state. The parents, teachers, society, in general, are so understanding and cooperative. With them, we can share our methods to better for our students.”

How did it start?

There was a lawsuit in 1993 from anonymous students under the law from 1975 concerning Education for students with disabilities. It is said that special kids should be placed in a classroom with their healthy coevals as many as possible. Unfortunately, the statement was put off for some time. Eventually, that lawsuit overturned the way Ohio treat students with disabilities in public schools. The DeRolph case was carefully controlled until 2012. Then, Sjoberg claimed that the main problem of Education of students with disabilities wasn’t solved, the case was resumed over again.